Thank you for visiting my blog, Tender Ardour.  The subjects I explore are wide-ranging, with a general aesthetic that leans toward mundane.  The content here is a reflection of my fascination with the strange and wonderful occurrences that emerge from ordinary events. If you blink, they might pass you by.  I’m always on the look out for the little things that are vaguely familiar, but somehow they remain just beyond reach. I try to catch them and sometimes I come close.

I work in advertising and I’m an exhibiting artist in Buffalo, NY.  My photographic work is inspired in part by images that move across my consciousness in travels and in dreams.  I’m influenced, as much by boring postcards and newspaper clippings, as by the canonical and often romanticized works of image-makers, and journalists of the past.

Photography can freeze and eternalize what would be fleeting moments in time, but there is no mechanism for this in dreams. We rely on memory.  For me, the moments and scenes represented in my work exist in a mysterious space somewhere between the real and the imagined, because there is no way to photograph dreams.

– MJ

Artist Website: www.mollyjarboe.com

Buffalo Obscura: www.buffaloobscura.com

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