We started a new project.  It’s a work in progress at this point and phase one is complete.  We cut the spines off of two copies of Allen’s book, Where the North Sea Touches Alabama.  Starting with the preface, we reassembled the pages into what will eventually be an accordion style book.  At this stage, we’re just playing with the materials and seeing what comes next.  I’m enjoying the collaboration.

First Year Art School Project – 1996

I was introduced to book making at the Kansas City Art Institute where I received my BFA in Photo / New Media in 2000.  During my Foundation year in 1996, I took a book making course with Carl Kurtz.  From that point forward, until I moved to Buffalo, I often incorporated book making methods into my photo projects.  For some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on right now, I lost interest in book making for many years.  But it has recently resurfaced in my mind due to a new project that is begging to be made into a book.

Here is my very first book project from 1996.  I documented an old train repair station in Kansas City, MO with black-and-white photos.  I adorned the cover with objects I collected from the site.