Dutchess County Fair

About a year ago, I took a photo workshop at The Center for Photography at Woodstock with Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, and I never got around to posting about it until now.  The two-day hands-on workshop was about photographing the world around you in a direct and spontaneous way. Above all, it was about seeing, emphasizing the photojournalistic and documentary traditions, and developing your own unique vision. Several of us photographed at the Dutchess County Fair as part of the workshop.  We did an editing project where we were instructed to organize our favorite shots into an “A” group, and the close seconds into a “B” group.  Here are my A group results.

Some Early Work

I was invited to give a talk about my photography in Lancaster, UK at the end of the Month.  Preparation got me thinking about some examples of my early work.  These three were all shot in Mexico for a project entitled Living on the Edge, 1998 which is a compare and contrast of both sides of the US / Mexico border.  I’ll update this post with more info soon.

Thinking about making a move…

Recently I updated my photography website and removed all commercial related content leaving mollyjarboe.com dedicated solely to my fine art work.  I’m thinking about starting a separate site dedicated to portrait and event photography and making more than a passive go at this kind of work on the side.  Here’s an example of a portrait I took of a little friend of mine named Aksel. I’m trying out a new logo too.