Texas Road Trip

These are some of the photos I took on our road trip from Austin to Marfa.  A tragic computer malfunction left me with no way to edit the images shot with my Mark II, so I made do with these iPhone shots edited using PC Express on my phone. One new hard drive later, and after my upcoming trip to NYC, I’ll have the other images up as well.  In the mean time, I had fun compiling this medley of black-and-white photographs that, for me, represent some kind of magical road trip that may have been somewhere in my mind’s eye before the trip ever began.

Writing the Journey

We’re heading to Austin, TX on Tuesday where our Texas adventure begins.  I’m more or less tagging along for part one of the trip which will be some very cool talks at the University of Austin.   And I’m looking forward to checking out the city.  Austin is a destination that has been on my travel list for a long time.

For part two, everyone in their various groups will take 2 days to travel across the desert to Marfa, documenting along the way and sharing results in Marfa on day 3.  I’ll be taking lots of photographs.  We’ll be making our way through Big Bend country, passing through Fredricksburg, Johnson City, the LBJ Ranch, Marathon for dinner at the Gage Hotel and star gazing later in the evening.  More to come…

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