Running Notes – 13.1

It was the hottest day in The Buffalo Marathon’s 16 year history, topping 86 degrees on May 29, 2016.  My first Half Marathon is now in the books.  When I crossed the finish line, my initial thought was, “I’m glad that’s over with!”  Ten minutes later, I was discussing which race to do next with running friends.  Thinking back on my time during the road race, I recall many different subjects that went through my mind.  I could dedicate numerous blog posts to the things one thinks of, the heightened emotions and the mental challenges faced when pushing yourself to your limit in the company of thousands of others doing the same thing or looking on as spectators.  But what really stands out more than anything is that not even a year ago, the idea of running a half marathon had never played out in my mind at all. I never believed I could become a runner.  I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.