Catch Me if You Can

I have finally taken the first few steps toward a goal I’ve secretly held for most of my adult life, but I’ve never had the nerve to truly commit myself to accomplishing.  Thanks to some friends encouraging me and two people in particular leading the way, I have now joined a beginning running group.  We are starting off slowly and working our way up to running a 5k in September.  As a group we run two times a week and we have a schedule of activities to do on our own as well.  My favorite running spot in Buffalo is Hoyt Lake at Delaware park. Here are some Insties I took on my cool down walk after a recent run.

Omaha: Home

I had a wonderful time back home in Omaha for a long weekend that started on Thursday.  It was magical for a number of reasons – not including the usual.  Sometimes the unexpected is the biggest gift of all.  A highlight was the occasion of my Great Aunt Ann’s 90th birthday which was marked by a fabulous party and fireworks show at Ponca Hills Farm.  I captured this Instagram shot shortly before the great Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram crash of 2012.