Back At It

I’m back!  I haven’t posted in the last few days because a lot has been happening.  First of all I lost my dear cat friend of 16 years, Nadja.  It hit me pretty hard.  She’d been sick for over a year and thanks to medicine and care from the folks at City Creatures, she had a very rich and happy final year of life right up to her very last days.  Bad days for Nadja were off and on, but there were always long stretches of good days in between.  I can’t even explain the grief that comes with losing a sweet, fuzzy friend and companion of 16 years.  We were together in Omaha, Kansas City and Buffalo.  She used to lie by my feet when I worked at my desk.  It’s only been 8 days since her passing so sometimes I still look to see if she’s there.  🙁

In other news, My friend Lizz and I took a weekend long workshop at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY on the 30th and 31st.  I learned a little CSS which is evidenced in the subtle design changes on My CSA Adventure!  Check it!  🙂

Unfortunately I had to miss Native Offerings Farm’s annual get-together on Sunday because of the workshop but Erika and Aksel went and they took Dad, Scott too.  I’ll share their pictures and Erika’s little write-up in the next post.

Below is a pic of the last share pick up.  I cobbled together some interesting meals in all the business, but I didn’t take many photos.  I’m glad to be back at it as far as the blog is concerned.  It will be difficult and odd trying to  adjust to a lack of a certain sweetness always around me and in my peripheral heart’s eye now that Nadja has left this world for new adventures.  She will always live in my heart.

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