NOF Update: What’s Coming…

The Share for August 9, 10, and 11, 2011

A milestone:  We will be publishing our 1,000th recipe today!

To ripen hard fruits, such as peaches and nectarines, put them in a brown paper bag, don’t overcrowd, close the bag, but not tightly, and let sit at room temperature for a few days. Check, taking out ones that have ripened. Some people like to put an apple or banana in the bag with the fruit. This can speed up the ripening process, but can also hasten spoilage, so if you choose this latter method, check the fruit everyday.

The Vegetable Share: Beets (Detroit Red, Golden, Butter, Choigga); Sweet Onions; Napa or Green Cabbage; Chard or Green Kale; Zucchini/Summer Squash; Herbs–choice of Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Dill Flowers (Umbrels), Parsley, Sage; Sub–Cayenne Peppers.

The Fruit Share: Plums; Peaches; Nectarines.

Recipes: Creamy Beet Gratin; Thai Pasta with Cabbage; Breaded Zucchini Cutlets; Chard and Bean Soup with Herbs; Kale Calallo; Hot Pepper Sauce.



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