Christmas Craft: I Love Cheese!

I was invited to participate in a benefit and an art event, both honoring the holidays.  I decided to try my hand at a craft project which is NOT normally my thing and at first I struggled to think of what to make.  The art event specifically called for hand-made ornaments so I started with that.  After a lot of trial and error, this fun little project sprung from somewhere in my imagination.  It came from just playing with some materials I had lying around and eventually evolved into the below.  Not surprisingly it has a forest animal theme and serves as a cheesy, but sweet tribute to my ongoing photo project entitled, Tangled.  I liked the outcome so much a made one for the benefit as well.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Craft: I Love Cheese!

  1. How sweet! I met you at crafternoon a few months back, while you were working on one of these. It turned out wonderfully! I hope to make it out to craft with you ladies again soon.


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