Love for Sale III @ Studio Hart

Buffalo, NY-Studio Hart is proud to announce the third annual showing of Love for Sale, a group show curated by Buffalo artist Molly Jarboe and featuring live music by Honey Girl and the Horseshoe Falls.

Participating visual artists include several familiar faces from years past as well as a number of new contributors:

Lauren Braun
Amy Greenan
Ani Hoover
Doug Lambert
Amy Meza Luraschi
Julian Montague
Jan Nagle
Maria Pabico LaRotonda and Craig LaRotonda
Nancy J. Parisi
Kate Parzych
Allen Shelton and Molly Jarboe (Collaboration)
Ginny Rose Stewart
Elizabeth Switzer
Christine Walsh and Adam Weekley (Collaboration)

*Honey Girl and the Horseshoe Falls will be performing Live at the opening featuring tracks from the new album “Oh Lake Erie.”  Music starts at 7pm.

(Honey Girl & the Horseshoe Falls is a Buffalo based indie folk duo consisting of Lisa Forrest (vocals, guitar) and Doug Lambert (vocals, guitar, piano, bass, harmonica).

Once again, the exhibition is intended to coincide with the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and features works by multiple artists addressing the subject of gift giving to show love. The exhibition will be on view February 3-March 1, 2012. An opening reception will be held 6-9 pm Friday, February 4 as part of the Allentown First Fridays Gallery Walk.




Love for Sale explores love, sweet love, obsessive, dark love, all kinds of love.  It goes from the joy of new love to the misery of unrequited love and spans all points in between. We invite you to come and investigate the mystery of gift giving while viewing objects of art representing expressions of love for sale. In the words of Roland Barthes:

“The Heart – coeur/heart – This word refers to all kinds of movements and desires, but what is constant is that the heart is constituted into a gift-object–whether ignored or rejected. “ – A Lover’s Discourse

Image Credits: Top: Untitled photo by Jan Nagle, 2012, Bottom: Two Hearts Beat as One, Amy Greenan, mixed media, 2012

Studio Hart is located in Buffalo’s historic Allentown district, home to many galleries, fine restaurants and retail shops. Studio Hart is open Open Tuesday – Friday, 11:30 – 3:00pm Saturday, 12:00 to 3:00pm and by appointment.


Barbara Hart
Studio Hart
65 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

“Oh Lake Erie”

I spent some time with friends at the lake recently.  I was there to photograph the children so I brought my strobes and back drop and set them up in the small lakeside house of a mutual friend who is away in Africa.  He has a private beach for a front yard.    After breaking down the equipment following the shoot, we spent some time in the water.  It was nice to get away from the city for a short spell.  And speaking of Lake Erie, check out my friend Lisa’s new CD, Oh Lake Erie.  All the songs on the CD were written by Lisa right here at the place where I spent the day.  The owner of the house is a long time friend of hers.


Ailurophile – cat person.

I’m really not a cat person, I’m more like a Nadja person.

I picked up Nadja’s ashes from the vet on Tuesday.  I didn’t go alone.  I was afraid it would be too difficult.  Nadja’s passing was something my logical self was almost prepared for, but once she was gone, my heart received a jolt that took me utterly by surprise.  I’m fortunate because I have friends around me who understand.

One friend, Lisa, suggested a formal gathering to honor her memory, and she helped me put it together on Wednesday night.  I don’t think I would have thought of it myself, but it was perfect.  This gesture of friendship and so many like it,  have been instrumental in helping me deal with the loss.  We invited a small group of people who knew Nadja and knew how much she meant to me.  Some had cared for her when I traveled.  I wish some Omaha and Kansas City people could have been here too.  We shared stories and Lisa (a singer and musician) sang two songs and played guitar.  We drank champagne and toasted a sweet little cat life and then we went out on the roof.  Nadja’s favorite place in the world was the roof and I can’t tell you how happy I am that her last 2 years of life were very possibly her most joyful since we made this cat heaven of an apartment our new home.  We lit candles and I spread her ashes.  We let the candles burn through the night out on the roof where Nadja loved to play.

What are they doing in heaven today?
I don’t know boy
But it’s my biz to say it and sing about it

What are they doing in heaven today,
Where sin and sorrow are all done away?
Peace abounds like a river, they say.
What are they doing there now?

I’m thinking of friends whom I used to know,
Who lived and suffered in this world below
But they’ve gone off to heaven, but I want to know
What are they doing there now?

Oh, what are they doing in heaven today,
Where sin and sorrow are all done away?
Peace abounds like a river, they say.
But what are they doing there now?

There’s some whose hearts were burdened with care
They paid for their moment to fighting and tears
But they clung to the cross with trembling and fear
But what are they doing there now?


And there’s some whose bodies were full of disease
Physicians and doctors couldn’t give them much ease
But they suffered ’til death brought a final release
But what are they doing there now?


There’s some who were poor and often despised
They looked up to heaven with tear-blinded eyes
While people were heedless and deaf to their cries
But what are they doing there now?

You can’t catch a boat to boat Bolivia

Sometimes in life, when you think you finally have your White Whale well within reach, you find that it has sent along a bloated Guppy in its stead. This happened to me about 6 years ago when Gladsome, Humor and Blue arrived at my door step via e-bay. It did not contain the long lost tracks from a mix tape of some 12 years past. Indeed, I held said mix tape in my clutches 12 years ago but somehow it became lost and has been missing for over 10 years. Finally, however, my childish heart beats true once more, for the White Whale has been captured and sweetly placed into my hands. It comes in the shape of a 5 inch square, plastic Boat to Bolivia. Smile, smile, smile. But if you know the title track, you know you can’t catch a boat to Bolivia.

And you can never truly capture your White Whale, unless you’re willing to be eaten alive. Something to keep in mind most times.


My friend Lisa invited me to join her at the invitation only Babik DVD recording recently and we had a great time watching them perform with a couple of important guests. Babik is an emerging Gypsy Jazz quartet in Buffalo, NY and they are getting a huge following. Check out their MySpace site, and keep a look out for them. They are going to be big!