You can’t catch a boat to boat Bolivia

Sometimes in life, when you think you finally have your White Whale well within reach, you find that it has sent along a bloated Guppy in its stead. This happened to me about 6 years ago when Gladsome, Humor and Blue arrived at my door step via e-bay. It did not contain the long lost tracks from a mix tape of some 12 years past. Indeed, I held said mix tape in my clutches 12 years ago but somehow it became lost and has been missing for over 10 years. Finally, however, my childish heart beats true once more, for the White Whale has been captured and sweetly placed into my hands. It comes in the shape of a 5 inch square, plastic Boat to Bolivia. Smile, smile, smile. But if you know the title track, you know you can’t catch a boat to Bolivia.

And you can never truly capture your White Whale, unless you’re willing to be eaten alive. Something to keep in mind most times.

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