Looking to See

I encountered this scene a couple of summers ago when Allen and I were guests in the summer home of a colleague of his near New Palz, NY.   It’s a modest little hideaway and serves as a quiet writing spot for our host who spends most of his time in Manhattan.

Looking to See II by Molly Jarboe
Looking to See II by Molly Jarboe

The house is nestled at the bottom of a hill, along side a serene swimming hole at Rondout Creek.  You have to drive well into the woods, and maneuver down a winding dirt road that leads right to the front yard. The rushing water from the creek can be heard from every room inside.

We were there for a gathering of academics and creative types, and I busied myself much of the time taking pictures of our surroundings.  We drank wine, dining by the fireside well into the nights.  Every little thing seemed to take on a mysterious and rare light that remained even with each new sun.  In looking over my images after the trip, I’ve settled on this one as a  favorite.  For me, this picture of a picture captures the light and context in a way that allows me to briefly suspend my disbelief.  Each time I look at it, the frozen figures seem freed, if only for a moment.

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