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On a recent trip to Toronto, Allen picked up a coffee syphon for my birthday.  I can’t say I’ve ever brewed a finer pot at home.  I’m pleased to report that in 27 easy steps, you too can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.  Ok, it’s only 6 steps plus clean up, and all for a cup of coffee well worth any labor of love you put into it.   Below, check out the photos I took of my first time using the coffee syphon, step by step instructions and video footage.

Now that I’ve made coffee in it a few times, I have the process pretty much down to a science with just the right amount of grounds and boiling time for the taste I enjoy.  My particular coffee syphon was made in Taiwan and the message on the packaging is very cheerful, informative and encouraging:

Have a Nice Coffee Time!  What kind of coffee do you like?  French or American?  Strong or Mild?  Much or Little?  You can have any type using our Coffee Syphon.

Modify brewing time and amount / grind / flavor of coffee to suite your taste.  Practice makes perfect, you’ll soon be an expert!

Below is the 6 step process for making coffee in a coffee syphon.

Watch my (short)  YouTube Video:

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  1. this reminds of when my nephew(a starbucks barista no less)brought his coffee press to my home .. and i thought- “this is awesome! .. no way its gonna work for me at 5am .. but awesome none the less!” .. a new dinner party must have!

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