The Real Deal

On a recent work trip to Newport News, VA, I went in search of a meal at the end of my last full day there. This was trip number two to the area in as many weeks. All the nights previously I’d dined with colleagues at various spots located at the Peninsula Town Center close to the hotel. This time, however, I was on my own, and I was bound and determined to have an “authentic” experience.

Before heading out, I told a friend on the phone that I wanted to eat at “some old crab shack by the water,” and NOT the famous Joe’s. My friend wished me luck as I hung up the phone to embark on my quest. Success! I simply Googled “Crab Shack Newport News, VA” and I found the perfect spot! I enjoyed a delicious meal of Snow Crab Legs and a baked potato on the side at The Crab Shack on the east end of the James River. Not only was the meal fantastic, but the sunset was perfectly suited for my Instagram obsession. Click, click, click.

Another great place to try if you’re ever in the area is Smoke. I had BBQ lunch there twice. Delicious!

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  1. Mmmm, snowcrab legs. Looks delicious. Tonight is seafood night at the house and we plan on sauteing some tiger shrimp with lemon butter and adding some garlic and topping it all off with some fresh parsley.

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