My first 5k

Well I did it.  I ran my first 5k on September 4.  And I surprised myself by how well I did.  After working through what turned out to be a minor injury, I ended up beating my own average pace goal by 4 seconds.  This was the graduation 5k that I’ve been training for with a beginning running group since late June.  When I started out, I set a goal of getting to an average pace of 10 minutes per mile.  I finished the Champions 5k with a time of 30:50 minutes, and an average pace of 9:56!  I’m moving on to the next level with the running group in early October.  We’ll be working to improve speed, endurance and performance at the 5K level.  I can’t wait.  In the mean time, I’ll be doing a lot of solo runs to prepare.

2015-09-05 10.13.31

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  1. That is a seriously amazing time for your first 5k! I am not yet under the 10 min/mile pace. Super impressed with you determination! Keep it goin!

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