Opening Night of Tangled Narratives

Our opening for “Tangled Narratives” went really well.  There were so many openings in Buffalo on Friday night, I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turn out in Westfield, which is over an hour away.  Much to my delight, we had a great little crowd steadily flowing in and out over the course of two hours.  Unfortunately both Deb and I were so busy talking with guests that we didn’t take many photos.  I did manage to snap a few at the beginning however.  We were both very pleased with Nancy’s installation of our work and how it all looked together.  I’ll be sure to get some more shots when we go back in a couple of weeks to take the work down.  And while I’m back in Westfield, I plan to visit The Portage Hill Gallery, which I learned about from its owners, Donald and Audrey Kay Dowling, who were in attendance on Friday.  I’m also looking forward to attending more openings at the Octagon.  Next up at the Octagon Gallery is a group show including work by Heather Miller Kanazawa who Deb introduced me to on Friday night.  They both teach art at JCC.
After the gallery festivities, Deb and I, along with accompanying friends, took a 25 minute drive into Fredonia where we enjoyed wonderful conversation over a late night dinner and drinks.  Westfield and the surrounding communities are quite charming and I feel there is much to be discovered there.

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